Learning in Mrs. Towne’s House

Towne_cov2LEARNING IN MRS. TOWNE’S HOUSE is my book about teaching poetry at The Care Center, in Holyoke, Mass. It’s the story that grew out of this blog, the story behind the blog, and the story that keeps being told at http://www.learninginmrstowneshouse.com.

LEARNING IN MRS. TOWNE’S HOUSE is available for sale:

On Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle editions,

or at these locations:
•Broadside Bookshop, Northampton, Mass.
•Odyssey Bookshop, South Hadley, Mass.
•Wistariahurst Museum Carriage House Gift Shop, Holyoke, Mass.
•Collective Copies shops, Amherst and Florence, Mass.


3 thoughts on “Learning in Mrs. Towne’s House

  1. I am writing a book on construction litigation for the American Bar Association, May I use the following quote from your blog?

    Maple syrup is in fact one of my favorite metaphors for poetry. Think about it: To make a quart of maple syrup one must first collect gallons of clear, tasteless sap. By boiling this bland liquid — and boiling it some more, one is left with the dark, sweet and sticky essence: The syrup. Or, as the case may be: The poem.
    –—from https://dontcallitpoetry.wordpress.com

    I use the quote to analogize the weighing of construciton contract documents to the boiling down process for maple syrup.

    George F. Burns
    Bernstein Shur
    100 Middle Street
    Portland, ME 04101

    Thanks, George Burns

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