Dear Poetry Lady Gets Help

Recently, Dear Poetry Lady, the advice column for the Lonely Hearts of the Literary World, received a cry for help. It went something like this:
Dear Poetry Lady,

Help! I have been reading more and more poems lately and now I want to write one of my own. The problem is: I’ve never written a line of verse in my life, and I don’t know where to begin. Can you tell me how to write a poem?


— Poetic Soul in Search of a Poem

Dear Poetic Soul, 

The Poetry Lady pondered your question and promptly found herself bogged down by the nuance and complexity of the problem. Then, today, one of her students zoomed in on the answer.

Monica wrote this poem and gave me permission to post it to you. I think it contains the instructions you are searching for:


A Poem
by Monica
When you write a poem just let it flow.
You don’t need to think
just grab a piece of paper
and a pen or pencil and just let
your hand do all the work.
It would be like going to the beach
to relax and not think about anything.
Just let your mind go.

 The Poetry Lady  couldn’t have said it better herself.

 — PL

 P.S. Like all of my students, Monica is a teen mom. She just started her own blog where she has posted some of her recent poems. Check it out to see for yourself whether she knows what she’s talking about.