One Poem, Five Reasons for Cheer

On Wednesday one of my poems was published in the local newspaper. That statement alone carries at least five reasons for cheer.

1)      First, it is a real treat to live in an area that has a local newspaper in this day and age, when so many small papers are being bought up or shut down.

2)      Next, to live in an area with a local newspaper and to have that paper publish poetry – what can I say, I live in a wonderful corner of the world, where poetry and all of the arts are valued.

3)       And then, it is a special pleasure to have a poem published at all (no easy feat in and of itself as any poet knows) but to have a poem appear in a publication that is so widely read by those who make up my community, well that’s even more satisfying.

4)      Could it get any better than that? It does! The poem was published next to an article about Sylvia Plath. That would be a nice coincidence for any poet, but for me it’s even more serendipitous.

5)      You see, Sylvia Plath and I have a special connection.  This is a fact that literary scholars have heretofore overlooked, but I will share the details with you. Here goes: I was born just hours after Plath died. When you take into consideration the time difference between England, where she died, and New England, where I live, one could imagine that our spirits passed right by one another as I entered this world and she exited it. If that isn’t enough of a connection, consider this: Sylvia’s first name and mine are almost identical. In fact, I am often called Sylvia by people who don’t know how to pronounce my name. And finally, of course, like Sylvia, I too am a poet. Coincidence? Okay, probably. But I like to read more into things than that. If nothing else it makes life more interesting.

So anyway, I just wanted to mention that it was nice to have my poem published. Cheers!