Skip Hallmark this Mothers Day

Mothers Day is around the corner – and if you haven’t bought a card yet, don’t bother. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not adverse to honoring our mothers. I’m all for it. (Ask my daughter, she’ll tell you.) But let’s face it, Hallmark just doesn’t cut it. The Poetry Lady, of course, is a bit biased. She believes a poem written from the heart beats a sappy card any day. Here’s a quick and easy assignment:

  • Take a moment to get an image of  your mother’s hands in your mind. Picture her fingers, her fingernails, her hands holding you, her hands at work, her hands lying still. 
  • Now, write a poem in which each line begins with the words: “These hands … ” 
  • As always, call on all five senses: think of how her hands smell, what they look like, the sound of her hands in motion, tapping her nails, clapping, snapping her fingers … 

Happy Mothers Day! 

And keep writing  🙂