Tune In To Poetry

This morning I made an appearance on “The  Mo Show” on Valley Free Radio. I was there to talk about … what else? Poetry, of course. Rather than write about it (especially because I’m a little sleepy now, having gotten up at some ungodly hour to arrive at the recording studio on time), I’ll invite you to listen. (Read Mo’s instructions on the top of the page, then scroll down to the July 30 entry, at the bottom of which is the link to the MP3 file for the show in question.)

By the way, in addition to being a creative, fun and intelligent radio host, Mo is an awesome artist who does amazing things with old refrigerators and glitzy mosaic tiles.

Which leads me to wonder … what rhymes with refrigerator?

One thought on “Tune In To Poetry

  1. In her dreams she wore the scarf of an aviator
    But when she awoke she faced the sorrow
    of empty shelves in her old refrigerator

    heh heh.

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