A Snap-Shot a Day

My friend Aja takes a snapshot a day. For one month, I decided to join her and create a snapshot-in-words every day. My only rule was that my snap-shot-poem had to fit onto a 4×6 card and it had to evoke an image. We didn’t share our pictures and poems until the end of the month, so of course her pictures and my poems didn’t necessarily match up. What I loved about this exercise was that Aja’s photos were so poetic: They were about form, pattern, image and emotion. (All of the photos on my blog are by Aja, by the way.) And I had fun writing poems that would fit between the borders of a typical snapshot.

Here’s one of my snap-shot poems:

Rail-Trail, Easthampton

A family of swans floats by on the lake.
If you want a better description
Ask the man leaning on the fence, watching.
He stands still,
and looking,
as the leaves blow and swirl past in a hurry,
and so do I.


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