The blank page

I always tell my students that the hardest part about writing is not writing. And the scariest thing in the world to a writer is a blank page. So, here I am, hesitating about what to write … and staring at a blank screen.


I am starting this blog as a way to record my experiences as a teacher and a writer — just one one problem: It’s July; it’s summertime, which means I’m not teaching. So, I’ll use this month and a half before my classes resume to get to know the blog-o-sphere, to think and plan for the upcoming school year, and to reflect on poetry in general.


So, if you are out there and you have a favorite poetry blog, teaching blog or writing prompt, let me know. And … keep writing 🙂

3 thoughts on “The blank page

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I’m so impressed that you already figured out how to load in that photo. Rock on, lady!

    As for writing prompts, I’m thinking of trying one I saw somewhere: “My life in one sentence a year,” which is what it sounds like.

    Have fun! I’ll link to you on my site tomorrow-ish.

  2. without a free spirit whats this life worth,enjoy yourself while on this or poor,clever or not make the most of what you,ve got say what you feel but feel what you say, dont do tommorrow what can be done today,for life is to short , your spirit can wait, to pass beyond that golden gate so love your life and just be glad,think of all the fun you had. and let your spirit be your guide on your journey to the other side

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